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Need a Taxi in Brighton, Hove or Lewes? Then Here is our Brighton Taxi 4U App it is an affordable ride in minutes. Taxi 4U will allow you to book a taxi with a flip of a button. Get rides from our highly-rated drivers instead of hailing a cab or waiting for the bus and enjoy a welcoming, affordable and memorable ride today!

【Why TAXI 4U better than Uber
◉ Taxi 4U is Safe & secure taxi and PH service all drivers have their DBS checked and pass comprehensive background before being approved for the service.
◉ Drivers are rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed on the road.

◉ Taxi 4U cars are the latest models up 3 years old.

◉ Easy payments: pay by card or using cash in the cab, - it’s easy, fast, and secure! No need to register a Card details to be stolen just use it while you on the cab.

◉ Forget about receipts! You will have access to your previous journeys with us anytime if you are registered with us, nevertheless we will email receipt for each trip.

◉ Easy way to get a Taxi 4U, it is faster than the bus, cheaper than Uber or any other taxi. we have Fix prices and easy to use. Travel anywhere you want to go in town or out of town.

◉ Download Taxi 4U, sign up, then simply open the app and request a ride.
◉ Your Taxi 4U driver will be at your location in minutes, ready to drive you to your destination.

◉ Driver tracking: uses GPS technology to locate your pickup address and track the ride.
◉ Favourite Addresses: we identify and save automatically your favourite places. 
◉ Ride Confirmation: we confirm your request by e-mail, SMS or by push notification. 
◉ Safer Ride: share the cab Reg number and/or your location via email, social networks or SMS/iMessage.

【Contact & Support
To find out more info about Taxi 4U, please visit our local website and follow us on social media. 
◉ Website: http://taxi4u.co.uk
◉ If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to: info@taxi4u.co.uk.

Taxi 4U is available in the following cities in UK (Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne). Download Taxi 4U today and see how great ride can be!

Get a ride and join the millions who’ve chosen Taxi 4U, going out at night, and getting to events. When you need a Taxi, we here 4 U.

By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Taxi 4U, including push notifications; and to allow Taxi 4U to collect your device’s location. You can opt out of receiving push notifications through your device settings.

Your opinion matters help us to be better! We care about you, that's why we always want to improve and offer you an excellent service. Rating your driver at the end of your ride is the perfect formula to help us improve our service every day.

Every Taxi 4U release includes performance improvements, general bug fixes and new features to make your experience better.